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ARTMOLD has founded in 2007 with an aim of serving the plastics industry. Steven Huang is our technical director. He has over ten years of experience utilizing CAE Software in conjunction with solving molding problems. His vast experience working with products ranging from automotive to medical industry and connector components to housing parts and many others has helped manufacturers save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year ......


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1). 为客户接下模具订单而高兴!

2). 要用零下50度冷却的模具,你有见过吗?热传导分析

3). 我们又受到专业模具厂的赞扬啦!

4). 如何收回模流分析的成本

5). 艺模科技与华南家电研究院共组CAE仿真工程实验室

6). 台湾著名热流道公司对本公司的赞誉实录



DESIGN We provide Mold design-Full 3D design for the plastic mold to avoid any point missing when you check the design and use 2D drawing to detail the tolerance and technology request.
We believe outstanding quality begins with mould design capability and regard it as the key to successful mold making.

Our engineers have many years of technical experience at injection mould design and mould manufacturing process along with the design instruction. All mould designs are validated to our clients Mold standards and mold specification.......



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